Still no baby

Yet again it’s been a while inbetween drinks. But I have a couple of blog posts written and ready to go, so we should start seeing some consistency again.

Since my last post I’ve been busy – I’ve started a new job, done a number of rounds of clomid and ovulation induction, and started a fitness challenge. But still no baby.

After my laparoscopy in January my doctor started me on a low dose of clomid and ovidrel ovulation triggers.

This is the first cycle in about five months that I haven’t taken clomid or done an ovulation trigger. I’m currently half way through my two week wait, and the waiting feels endless!

For a change my cycles on clomid were 28 days or less. This is the first time this has happened since I can remember, or at least since I started tracking my cycles.

My doctor was really happy with how I responded to clomid. Good follicle growth and minimal side affects. I think taking the pills just before I went to bed helped , as I didn’t really have any hot flushes or mood swings.

But fuck me did I get acne, especially along my jawline. You don’t really expect to be stocking up on pimple gels in your thirties…

Not missing the pimples this month, that’s for sure!

Now that I’m off clomid I’m fairly certain that I’ve gone back to my late ovulation. So there’ll be no getting excited when I get to day 30 and my period hasn’t arrived.

I’ve really tried to make a conscious effort this cycle to focus on other things apart from conceiving. I’ve started an 8-week challenge at my gym to get back into exercising, and I’ve started doing a weekly yoga class as well.

I’ve been temping for the last 9 months or so, but this month stopped as soon as my app had estimated when ovulation had occurred, and I won’t start again until I get my period or a positive pregnancy test.

I had found that in the last couple of months I was getting anxious every morning as to whether or not my body basal temperature had started to drop, and when it invariably did would frantically Google whether or not it was possible to still be pregnant. Turns out it is possible, just not for me.

As our next step is IVF I just want to take some time not being hyper aware of my body and my cycle. While I’m at peace with the possibility of needing to do IVF I still hope this cycle is the one. Fingers crossed!

Until next time,

Tash xo